Sustainability, ease of maintenance, technical and crystalline ice

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Sustainability, ease of maintenance, technical and crystalline ice. Here are the elements on which the Green-Tech Design approach that involved the restyling of the flagships of the Brema Group is based: the ice makers of the CB family.


From production to disposal, every aspect considers the environmental impact, starting from the materials used and their assembly. Green-Tech Design is study, creation and awareness up to the possibility for end-of-life recycling of all the materials used.

The CB family is available in both the Ice Cube (gourmet cube with the most classic shape, appreciated by Bartender Managers) and the B-Qube variants (ice with a more squared and trendy shape, particularly requested by Mixology artists).

The most relevant news for the CB family is the possibility to separate raw materials at the end of their life cycle. We will no longer speak about a single block, but of three distinct blocks that can be recycled separately.

Brema Group has always wanted to contribute with its choices to a more eco-sustainable future. That’s the reason why the Brema Innovation Center has been produced “designed for the environment” machines since its foundation.

This is also evidenced by the study of new natural refrigerant gases that led in 2016 to the introduction of the HC range for the gas-powered CB family. A colourless, odourless, non-toxic hydrocarbon with a green heart.


With a few simple steps, the engineer can speed up and and separate the machine into its parts. For example, the operator can work directly on a vital component like the compressor, or the fan, simply by removing the stainless-steel panels, without having to remove the whole unit anymore.

The Ice Machine requires constant cleaning and maintenance. Periodically, the machine will be disassembled to be sanitized: it is necessary to think about the disassembly of those parts of the machinery that are most at risk of contamination such as the ice drop channel, the lid and the bin storage.

Brema Ice Machines can be easily cleaned without the use of tools or the intervention of technicians. This aspect, of great importance, is made possible thanks to the measures and engineering improvements implemented by the Brema Innovation Centre that guarantee the requirements of the NSF certification on all our products.

Greater accessibility and hygiene of the internal parts of the machine directly affects the quality of the ice produced and the duration of the life cycle of the machine itself.

The ice makers of the CB HC family, with R290 natural refrigerant gas, are equipped with the Automatic Washing System technology. The button is located on the front panel of the machine, easily accessible and quickly activated. A simple click is enough to start the general cleaning cycle using professional products such as the Brema Ice Machine Cleaner. It is a single-dose sachet, a bio-based descaler.

Concluding with the restyling of the Ice Makers of the CB family and the theme of attention to the environment, the Brema Innovation Centre has estimated a 33% reduction in the volumes of the body of the machines made with the Green-Tech Design approach.

The team of engineers who took care of the project also estimated a 55% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere as the Green-Tech Design allows to halve the movement of components from the supplier or customer to the Brema Group headquarters.

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