We respect the environment and those who live in it. With our choices, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable future, and this is why we design professional ice makers that are “designed for the environment”. The latest introduction is the study of new gases, including R290 (Propane) and R744 (Carbon Dioxide). For Brema Ice Makers, sustainability is not limited only to the product, it is much more: it is also a production process, and above all it is respect for People and the Environment..

This is the Be-Eco Active project. Thanks to the team at the Brema Innovation Centre, we offer you a wide range of ice makers that use natural refrigerants R290 and R744. Purchasing a professional Brema machine means choosing a product with high added value. Technology, reliability and compliance with the laws in force, in terms of corporate social responsibility.
Climate change is certainly one of the most important global challenges. To guarantee increasing commitment to environmental sustainability, Brema Ice Makers has chosen to embrace the voluntary Regulation (EU) No 517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases, encouraging its customers to use solutions with zero-impact or low-impact on the climate and the earth’s temperature.
Acting responsibly along the timeline of the future, looking to tomorrow as if it were already here. The values of a successful business represent its promise to the market, its employees, the community and everyone that works with it. It is expressed in ethical and moral principles, in operational methods, in the communication style, in the conduct of its workers inside and outside the company.
Brema Ice Makers has defined the general principles and guiding principles characterising its modus operandi in a CODE OF ETHICS, which it shares with all its interlocutors to spread a single, transparent, correct and sustainable style.

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