drain pump

Built-in, robust, reliable:
the ultimate solution against drainage problems.
Finally, your Ice exactly where you need it!


All ice makers require a drainage connection. To dispose of residual water by gravity, the water must flow to a collection point positioned below the ice machine base, and this is a constraint. 

Flexible drain tubes are the next hurdle, as they may create loops that retain drainage water. Any stagnant water will in time develop into a bacterial hazard and restrict the choice of installation location.


Meters in Height (H)


Meters in Lenght (L)

drain pump

Drain Pumps have been installed since years on most foodservice water-using equipment. 

Benefits for Ice Makers are definitely overwhelming, avoiding the installation of additional external equipment to save space and costs. Brema is the new ambassador of pressure water drainage, as it has developed its own proprietary technology and design, for added reliability and drain point reach in both distance and height.

Brema proprietary "DP System" is available an "on board" option, keeping the overall footprint unchanged without any modification to standard hydraulic connection points. Reliability is guaranteed by a pressostatic water level control, free from limestone accumulation (no float).

Best conditions for sanitary Ice in the Bin.

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freedom of installation location

The machine can be easily repositioned within the same room or kitchen, even after its commissioning, accomodating changing requirements for a smooth operation in the lounge or restaurant.
Water flow thanks to the built-in water pump, regardless of the drainage height or distance (consult our spec sheets for technical details).

total hygiene guarantee in the drain sysyem

No problems related to water stagnation in the drain pipe. No problems with Ice contamination in the Bin.

reduced installation time

Drain Pump is proof of any type of drain (floor, wall, pipe, siphon).
The installation technician is facilitated in installation operations.

"plug and play" installation efficiency

The drain connection is often times a problem, requiring additiona time and complications to be completed due to position and height (floor vs. wall style) of the drainage point. Brema’s DP system is the simple and effective Plug & Play solution to any drain connection scenarios.

power blackouts? not a problem!

In the event of a power failure, Brema’s DP will continue to collect any water resulting from thawing ice in the storage bin. As power is restored, the DP system will automatically dispose of the collected water, regardless of the machine ON/OFF switch position.

unAFFECTED BY mineral deposits

Exisiting systems often times relay on water level sensing electrodes in the water sump. These will inevitably need maintenance, as minerals contained in drain water will accumulate on the sensors themselves. Brema’s DP uses an air pressure sensor totally separated from the hydraulic system, whereas scale buildup is out of the question.


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