The Importance of Ice Type in Cocktails 

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"Too often neglected in cocktail-making, ice is nonetheless an important ingredient for achieving a higher-quality cocktail, both in terms of aesthetics and taste, at the same cost of materials." - Victor Delpierre

Are you a cocktail fan like me? Well, did you know that one of the most important ingredients is... ICE! Okay, I know that's a bit of a chilling revelation!

Indeed, the mixologist must master the ice, the cold, and the dilution to make a cocktail just as a chef in the kitchen must master fire, flames, and heat to cook properly.

The various techniques in bartending share a common goal of cooling and blending ingredients that are mostly stored at room temperature. And inevitably, when mixing room temperature ingredients with ice, the ice will melt. However, a watered-down cocktail is not the most enjoyable! All the precision in technical movements, therefore, is aimed at cooling without diluting too much, and for that, it is necessary to use high-quality ice.

For good mastery of dilution, prefer solid, perfectly translucent, and regular ice cubes like the 23g full Cubic B-Qube ice cubes*, which melt much slower than hollow ice cubes.

The cocktail will be less diluted, less watery over time, during your customer's tasting. In short, in addition to the quality of the ingredients that influence the quality of the cocktail, the difference between a good cocktail and a less good one is the amount of water in the final cocktail: if the technique is well-mastered AND the ice is of good quality, the cocktail will be perfectly cold and remain so for longer.

And in addition, ICE IS FOOD, so I really invite you to choose your ice machine carefully and take care of it because the water from the ice will end up in your customer's mouth!

*The 23g full Cubic B-Qube ice cubes

The fact that they are perfectly transparent indicates that they do not contain air, which is a sign of quality, and above all, they will melt more slowly.
The fact that they are regular informs us about the quality of the machine's production.

"Drink is my means of expression, nature my inspiration."

Cocktail-making has become my means of expression for providing pleasure and creating memories. My approach is culinary, seasonal, and fruit of nature - constantly seeking out the most beautiful artisanal products (mostly French).

The professions of mixologist and barista are two technical, playful, and creative professions with the added benefit of direct contact with the customer. What I love about my job is the opportunity to blend art forms, and through my experience, I have been fortunate enough to combine the art of cocktails, coffee, and service with the expertise of many chefs and artisans in order to imagine new blends with explosive flavors.

For me, the cocktail is "La Cuisine des Boissons®": if chefs cook food, I enjoy cooking liquids to push the boundaries of taste and, above all, to enchant the senses.

Being involved in the gastronomy industry, I love to match my creations with dishes, culinary identities of chefs, and to imagine cocktail pairings, which I call "gastronomic cocktails".

I have always been drawn to gastronomy since I was young. My palate was shaped by chefs and today, it’s a huge privilege for me to design concepts for starred restaurants and accompany them to develop an tailor-made, innovative and responsible beverage experience!

About my activity:

In 2019, Gaël Vibet joined my company Victor Delpierre Consulting as CEO, and together we create even more amazing and innovative beverage experiences!
Our consulting company supports businesses committed to responsible food and consumption that seek to develop their reputation, products, or services in the gastronomy industry.

Our clients are product brands, restaurants and gastronomic places, or event organizers in the CHR (Café, Hotel, and Restaurant) industry, to offer their customers 2.0 taste experiences.

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Barista and Mixologist, World CIGS (Coffee in Good Spirits) Champion 2013, a beverage and taste expert, specialized in the gastronomy industry.

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