butt pebblesice

Pebbles Ice – Multi purpose ice

The main characteristic is its shape:
a compromise between the cube and granular ice,
with a low consumption, both electrical and in
water. This is the ideal ice throughout the day,
from the daylight up to night time!
Great for breakfast:
welcomes cheeses, fruits and yogurt.
At midmorning it is served with fruit juices and
beverages. At lunch and dinner, it is together
crustaceans, fish and salads. During the Happy
Hour it appears  between the appetizers, spools
wine champagne bottles. Finally, all night long, it
will attend you through bars, discos cooling your


Extruded Ice

We have also realized machines for the production of  pebbles ice, obtained through a simple coupling between the screw and extruder, all installed on a strong structure stainless steel made.
This simplicity ensures low costs and very fast maintenance.
Always attentive to the needs of our customers, we have created these machines in both modular  and self-contained versions, making them suitable for installation in any environment.